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Dr Huffman

Sarasota Physical Medicine a comprehensive medical team of healthcare providers for

automobile accident patients, including the services of Dr. Kevin Huffman.

Dr. Huffman is an osteopathic physician with over 35 years of experience in injury care. He

is part of our medical injury team, offering medical oversight of your injury care and
medications when necessary.

Dr. Huffman is available 24/7 via our in-house medical telemedicine services, so you never
have to wait days or weeks to see a medical injury physician. With a tap of your cellphone,
you can see Dr. Huffman anywhere and anytime.

In addition to our comprehensive in-house chiropractic-rehab-medical services we work
closely with other local medical experts such as neurologist, orthopedic physicians, pain
physicians and surgeons to ensure you have access to the best care possible.

Together our team of physicians help patient's recover from their injuries quickly by using
our unique comprehensive team approach.

To make an appointment call Sarasota Physical Medicine at (941)922 9312.

He evaluates patients after an accident or fall to determine the extent of their injuries. He can also make a medical referral for physical therapy to help treat the injuries in addition to her medical treatment.

He does not prescribe narcotics. However, he does prescribe other types of medication for discomfort and pain.

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