Frequently Asked Questions


What happens during an appointment?
You will be greeted by our friendly staff who will help you complete some basic paperwork. We get you in to see the doctor in less than 20 minutes. The doctor will take a history and performs a complete an exam. The doctor will tell you what is the cause of your problem, and let you know if he/she can help. Then you will proceed to get a treatment that same day, if you so desire.

Why doesn’t my medical doctor refer me?
Many medical doctors don’t understand what chiropractors do. Those who get adjusted themselves refer patients all the time.

What is an adjustment?
It is restoring natural movement to a joint, so that the surrounding tissues don’t reflect any type of pain or symptoms.

Are you going to crack my back?
When adjusting a patient we release pressure from a joint that is not functioning properly and like letting air out of a tire quickly, it does make a “noise”.

Does it hurt?
No, however if discomfort is felt, it is due to an over irritated area which will improve with a few treatments.

Do I have to come forever?
No, those who want to be the healthiest will incorporate chiropractic in their monthly health routine; by getting adjustment every few weeks. Other patients choose to come in, only when they are in pain.

Is it addicting?
No, there is no negative addicting quality to chiropractic. What we do see and hear is that the patient feels so good they want to continue to participate in their life pain free.

When can I start feeling better after an adjustment?
Some patients feel better after the first adjustment and other take some more time. Each patient is unique and their treatments are designed to their specific needs.

Does it cause arthritis?
No, we reestablish the natural movement of a joint so it will not restrict any muscle, ligaments or nerve surrounding it.

If I have arthritis can I get adjusted?
Yes, arthritis is inflammation of a joint and we reestablish the natural movement of the joint so that it can function to the best of it’s capacity and alleviate pain.

I’ve had back surgery, can I get adjusted?
Yes, we have many patients with successful and failed back surgery and both choose to continue to get relief through the natural care of chiropractic, instead of relying on pain medication.

Does everyone need to get adjusted?
Those that have experienced chiropractic care and have seen the positive results, want to continue to feel better. So, they choose to incorporate chiropractic as part of their healthy life style.

How do you know if you need chiropractic care?
Most patients start out coming in due to some type of pain. However, we can analyze your situation and determine what is best for you.

Can you get injured from an adjustment?
Chiropractors have the lowest malpractice rate of all physicians. Chiropractic physicians are trained for 5 years after college to diagnosis and adjust the spine. DO NOT get adjusted by any other person who claims to know how to adjust.

Do I have to make an appointment?
We recommend you make an appointment, but we do take walk-ins.

How late are you open?
We are open until 6:00pm.

Are you open on Saturday?
Yes, however we recommend to make an appointment for Saturday mornings.

How long is the appointment?
The first appointment is your longest. It can be up to an hour. Every visit after that can be as short as 10 minutes.

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