Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic Services


A person receiving an adjustment remains clothed and lays on an adjusting table, while the doctor analyzes the spine and receives a "hands-on" spinal treatment.


A certified massage therapist is on staff and can be utilized for a variety of conditions. This ranges from relieving muscular tension, improving flexibility, speeding up recovery from an injury or just to relax.


A wide range of hands-on rehabilitative exercises are applied during the course of treatment. These encompass, simple stretching to state-of- the art neurological rehabilitation.


Vitamins, herbs and a variety of food and "how-to" remedies are recommended to patients with special nutritional needs. This ranges from simple stomach aches to chronic colds.

Sarasota Physical Medicine utilizes specialized Chiropractic techniques to help each patient's unique situation. This incorporates different adjusting techniques, physical therapy, nutritional counseling, and personalized attention.

  • Chiropractic treats a variety of diseases through a natural approach, without drugs and medication.
  • We treat the body by adjusting the spine to help all of your body's systems work efficiently.
  • When your spine is working, your body is stronger and pain and illnesses go away

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